Grant Report Form

Grant recipients must submit a final report one year after receiving a grant.  

Competitive grant reports must be submitted through the online application system.  

Discretionary grant reports must be submitted directly to the trustee or family member who recommended the grant. 

Please use the following format as a guide for your report to The Paul and Edith Babson FoundationClick here for a Microsoft Word copy of the grant report format shown below:

  • Date of report:
  • Organization reporting:
  • Address:
  • Contact person:
  • Date and amount of grant:
  • Purpose of grant:
  • Financial account of how the money was used:
  • Narrative account of what goals were met and how they were met:
  • Comments on what was successful in the program and what should be reexamined for another year:
  • Description of plans for the program next year, if applicable:
  • Any significant changes in the program during the year:
  • Any significant changes in the organization during the year:

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