Frequently Asked Questions

Is my program eligible for a competitive grant from the foundation?
Please review the grant guidelines here:
If you’re still uncertain, the best way to determine your eligibility is to submit a letter of intent (LOI) through the online grantmaking system (instructions available on the guidelines page).

Can/Should I contact the foundation before submitting an LOI to see if my program is likely to be funded?
The best way to introduce your program to the trustees is through the LOI.  There is no need to contact us before submitting.

I’m not familiar with the new online grantmaking system. Can I send my proposal as a hardcopy or email attachment?
Proposals submitted by mail or email will not be accepted or reviewed.  All proposals must be submitted through the online system.  Instructions are available on the grant guidelines page, but if you need additional guidance please contact us at or at 617-391-3088.

I’m on the application page and it says to click the link below—but I don’t see a link.
First, did you enter the Access Code (pebabson)?  If not, do so now, and a link should appear.
If a link still does not appear, the current grant cycle may have ended. Check the grant guidelines page for the due dates for each grant cycle.

How can I apply for a discretionary grant from the foundation?
Discretionary grants are made at the recommendation of the Babson trustees and family members. No applications are accepted for discretionary grants.

When will I be notified about the status of my recent grant proposal?
Please review the grant cycle timelines on the guidelines page.  If the stated notification time has passed and you have not been notified of a decision, contact us at

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